Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To the trees

Original illustration by Lauren Merrick

Recently I've felt convicted of how much I know about the sad state of the world we live in, and how little that knowledge impacts my life.

I know that the majority of clothes I have in my wardrobe were made in sweatshops. I know that plastic is bad, I know that it pollutes our water, that it kills animals and that it destroys beautiful environments. I know my consumer lifestyle encourages mass production and mass waste. And I really don't like these things.

I have decided to take on this knowledge seriously. This is the start of my public journey away from polluting the earth and towards the trees. There'll be how to's, recipes, sewing instructions, information on brands that are good for the planet and illustrations of steps in my new direction as I change my perception of normality. I'll be talking about myself and my own bad habits and seeking to make changes in MY life.

I hope this encourages and provides some alternate ways of thinking for anyone else who is interested.

L x


  1. I read this post and got a big smile - this journey is being walked by more and more and more people .. it will make a difference :-) x

  2. merrick, i absolutely adore you for so many reasons.

    your conviction and your cute face are probably the top two ;)


  3. I ad to jump over to DTLL and get this print immediately. I love it so. x