Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SEW IT: Vegie Bags

Original illustration and design by Lauren Merrick Copyright 2013

To the trees

I have said goodbye to plastic bags when I shop at the supermarket, getting that good tingly feeling of pride as I save the planet by handing over the green grocery bags.

But I have come to the realisation that for me, this is not enough and that saying 'no' to plastic should span across other areas of my life. I do not flinch to accept a plastic bag at retail stores nor does it bother me to fill up my environmentally friendly grocery bags with vegetables.... in plastic bags!

I do use plastic bags for bin liners and as a barrier between dog poo and my hand. But there comes a time when the cupboard under the sink is overflowing and I think that maybe the collection doesn't need to be added to for a while.

So my challenge to myself is to firstly not accept plastic bags at retail stores, but to bring my own calico bag or to put the item straight in my handbag and secondly to decrease my plastic bag usage by making my own veggie bags.

Follow the instructions above to make your own.
If you cant sew but you want these bags contact me and you can order some.

L x

ps. I totally take credit above for being super environmental and making these bags, but the reason that I made them in the first place was because my (amazing writer) boyfriend is really trying to reduce his plastic usage this year and I'm trying to follow his lead.


  1. I can attest that the bags work brilliantly, and draw attention and questions from people at the shop...where did you get these? Wow, they are great did you make them? etc etc. I get all proud and happy haha

    nice one :)