Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Thought: Need and Want

Original illustration and design by Lauren Merrick Copyright 2013

There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things. There are lots of things that I want and more often than not I will give myself what I want.

But this journey is about challenging and changing parts of myself that I don't like. This part of the journey being to remind myself that I am so incredibly blessed to have what I need - in a world where so many people have ridiculously less than they need. To be more thankful and approach things I want with more thought: Do I NEED this? Is this an extravagant luxury? Where was this made? Who made it? Do I have one already?

To learn the difference between NEED and WANT and to ask myself this on a daily basis is probably the best thing I will ever do for myself.

L x


  1. I tend to gravitate towards things with a story: handmade artisan cheese, a cabinet left on the side of the road that needs a new home, clothes that I picked up at a friend's garage sale who's about to leave town - she has the most beautiful soul so not only have I now got pretty floaty skirts and scarves to fill my wardrobe but they come from her. x

    1. Thats great! Yeah what I was talking about in this post was needing 'new' things. It's so great to re-use! I guess I'm just trying to go by the three R's: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle! Also when something has a story you're more likely to care about it and treasure it more as you weren't just drawn to it on a surface level because you 'want' it.

      Thanks for your input, would love to hear from you more :)

      Hope you have a beautiful day Vanessa x

  2. I am working very hard to know the difference between the two and nourish the need rather than the want. If I can teach my children just that, I know they will have lives full of contentment. x

  3. Hi there Lauren! I didn't realise you had a lovely little space too! I so agree with you here... This year I made my daughter birthday presents instead of buying them and I'm trying my hardest to do things myself where I can. I try to teach my daughter the same. Instead of her asking for things I ask her if she has any ideas on how we could 'make it' instead! She loves the impromptu art/sewing/cooking/gardening activities and so do I :) This is why I love Blogland so much - There's always some clever person out there with a fabulous idea or two!

    Have a lovely week!

    Sophie xo

  4. I'm in the midst of this same personal journey. It's slow. Slower than I'd have hoped. My kitchen has changed the most, I think. I make everything now from whole and raw ingredients. I've changed over all my shower products. I've culled, and decluttered, and culled again. It's a humbling journey, I think. One that forces you to look at yourself honestly, even if you don't like what you see. Mine isn't as beautifully illustrated, of course. What an amazing gift you have x